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How to Bypass The First Phase of Resume Review
75% of Resumes Are Eliminated By a Computer Program Created by People Who Don't Care.  Learn The Little-known Strategy For Getting Into the 25% Of Resumes That Actually Get Seen By A Human Being.
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About Your Presenter
After a stellar 20 year career in Marketing for leading global companies, Diane Huth found herself stranded in San Antonio, alone, without a network of business colleagues who valued her skills, and unable to find a job in the new online job search market.
After a frustrating year of futile online job searches, where she never got a single response to her hundreds of applications, she finally talked her way into a six-figure job in a role she hated!!

And in the process, she learned the insiders' secrets to the new online job search market - so she would never be blocked from enjoying the career she loved - and the income she deserved.

6 years ago, she started teaching Marketing and Branding at 2 leading universities.  She was shocked to learn that her bright talented students didn't have a clue on how to find and land a job when they graduated in a couple of months.

So she wrote a presentation that grew up to become an Amazon best-selling career guide, followed by 6 more books helping job seekers of all ages find and land their dream jobs.

She became known as The Accidental Career Coach, and has appeared on hundreds of TV and radio shows, podcasts and online summits, where she teaches job seekers at all stages of their careers the secrets to job search success.

Now, she wants to share these critical career skills on a live Zoom presentation so you can attend from anywhere!!

She'll lay it all out for you in this workshop!
(Diane teaches marketing, personal branding and career development at 2 universities and to audiences around the world, like this seminar to more than 80 entrepreneurs.)
If You Truly Believe That You Deserve a Great Job and Should Be Earning The Salary You Need to  To Support Yourself and Your Family, Then This Webinar Is For You!!
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