If  so, watch this powerful training workshop, where I will walk you step-by-step through the job search process today, and how to write your powerful Above The Fold Resume that will sail through the 4 different screening processes to finally land on the desk of the hiring manager - your future boss!
Streaming From A LIVE Zoom Call  **Do Not Close Window Or Presentation Will End**
In Today's Workshop...

You will learn the 3 secrets to find and land your dream job:

  • 1.  They Changed The Job Search Rules - But they forgot to tell us! It's a whole new world out there!
  • 2.  You Need a Completely Different Kind of Resume Today - Your resume must address the needs of all 4 hiring gauntlets, and transmit everything the recruiter needs to know in just 7.7 seconds!
  • 3.  A Great Resume is Where You Start... But It Is Far From Enough!  You need to master the 7 key steps to job search success, so you can advance up the career ladder to achieve your goal.

To thank you for staying to the end of the training, I will give you a valuable free gift.  I will show you how to get recruiters to call YOU, without having to chase after THEM!

Grab something to write with, shut out all distractions, and get ready to learn the insiders' secrets to finding and landing your dream job - fast!  


If you can't complete the session right now, I can send you an email with the link to watch the whole workshop when you have the time.

Look out for the email from Diane@DianeHuth.com with the link to come back to watch this full training session - as many times as you want!

And when you are ready to jumpstart your career, go to


I look forward to helping you find and land your dream job!

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